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The new pin cushion section and a little history

By March 14, 2016News
silver articulated teddy bear pin cushion side view

We would like to introduce our new pin cushion section on the Marlin Antiques website and would like to encourage you to take a look at our small selection of high quality silver pin cushions by well known makers.

Pin cushions made from a variety of materials began to be created in greater numbers during the middle of the nineteenth century when sewing implements including pins began to be mass produced. They were made from a range of materials including silver and were often in novelty form; for example those in the form of boots and shoes were particularly popular.

Crisford and Norris silver duck pin cushion side 1 view

Silver pin cushions in the form of animals were very popular and made by a number of different makers including more famously Adie and Lovekin of Birmingham and Sampson Mordan (London). One can find pin cushions in the form of almost any animal with some being rarer than others. Chicks hatching from eggs are one of the more commonly found, with polar bears, cats and lions among the rarest.

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